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July 2014
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Weekly Weather July 28, 2014 


“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”  ~ Louis D. Brandeis















The extreme pressure in the sky starts to abate as Uranus and Saturn separate from their stressful inconjunct aspect and move away from each other.  As the planets separate, we have a relaxation of pressure that can shift, rapidly, the energy of our being.  Things break apart.


The degree of 16 is still quite hot as Uranus and Saturn are moving very slowly for the rest of the month and don’t get off it. Planes should stop falling from the sky. Unfortunately, Israel and Palestine will continue to boil until the end of August as Israel’s chart has Saturn at 16:26 Leo and Mars in Scorpio just entered her first house. (May 14, 1948, 4:37 pm, Tel Aviv, Israel)


Saturn in Scorpio is structured water and emotions. Uranus in Aries is unexpected break throughs or break downs or break apart.  I found this wonderful video which is symbolic of the energy of the Uranus/Saturn aspect.  Notice how the Scorpionic water, once held firm and stable in a structure, breaks apart, collapses and is set free as the Uranus energy arrives to literally liberate it in a stunning moment of freedom.  Yes, you too can have a sudden and complete release of deeply held psychological beliefs or structures. Just like the water collapses into freedom, a similar energy can take place in your psyche if you allow it. Or even if you don’t allow it…. A client of mine had a huge breakthrough so the energy surrounding her pain broke away and collapsed just like these balloons do.  Watch the video and think about the area of your life where the structure wants to collapse and break free.


Last week, I went to Pete Seeger’s (May 3, 1919, NY, NY) outdoor memorial service at Lincoln Center in New York. A committed activist his entire life, he showed up, walked his talk and lived a life of integrity. He appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee and was questioned about his communist ties. (10 am, August 18, 1955, NY, NY)   He was found in contempt and sentenced to a year in jail for repeating the phrase “I am not going to answer any questions as to my association, my philosophical or religious beliefs or my political beliefs, or how I voted in any election, or any of these private affairs. I think these are very improper questions for any American to be asked, especially under such compulsion as this. I would be very glad to tell you my life if you want to hear of it.” All the speakers and singers pointed out the difference that one person, with a crystal clear vision, could make in the world. Many of his songs are famous anthems that inspired and united people.  I thought I would include him singing a song that was new to me but spoke to the New Energy appearing over our heads.


The theme for the week, aside from the separating and break free energy is clarity. According to the dictionary, clarity means: 1. clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.  2. the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye; pellucidity: the clarity of pure water. 3. the quality of being easily understood. 4. the quality of being expressed, remembered, understood, etc., in a very exact way 5. the quality of being easily seen or heard. Synonyms are intelligibility, exactness, simplicity.


The Sun in Leo and Mercury entering Leo offer us a great deal of clarity and understanding if we only look and see.  Sunlight illuminates and guides us.  Sunlight disinfects. Sunlight offers clarity. The Sun forms the apex of a slow moving, over 6 days, Finger of God as he aspects Neptune on Monday and Pluto on Sunday.  Notice what steps forward to be looked at.  This is the direction you are heading toward next!


Take time this week to focus your intention on who, how and what you want the next year and twelve years to look like and include. How do you want to express your core essence to the wider world and in your life?  If you didn’t have time for a New Moon ritual over the weekend, use the Virgo Moon with her lovely closing aspects on Late Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning to take time for a quick check in with your soul and the heavens above.  Time to commune with the jolly giant Jupiter and invite his abundance into your life. Moon in Virgo is all about how to achieve things in a practical, step by step way.  Jupiter linked up with the New Moon last Saturday night to kickstart a new ONE year cycle as well as start a new TWELVE year cycle grounded and growing out of your Leo ruled house(s).  New Moon Rituals are pretty straightforward and easy to accomplish in about 10 to 20 minutes of your day. Gather items symbolizing the four elements ~ earth, air, water and fire. Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.  Light a candle. Invite the elemental energies of creation ~ earth, air, water and fire as well as your guides who work toward your highest good to join you.  Meditate, journal, write, sing, draw or collage a vision board.  Or just sit quietly and daydream your future. Clarity of vision is how it happens!  When you are finished and you feel the energy shift, thank the elements and your guides for joining you and helping you create your vision.


Mars in Scorpio squares Jupiter on Friday inviting the bigness of the energy to burst forward on the scene. The combative energy builds all week.  It can be a hard fight energy too as the God of War is taking on his Uncle, the ruler of the heavens.  Mars in Scorpio wants to deeply and truly express his multiple layers of passion, depth, wisdom, and intensity.  Jupiter in Leo is an over the top kind of crazy expansion, not prone to modesty or holding back. Mars is going to “win” the fight even as Jupiter REMEMBERs what happens and chuckles as it goes down. An interesting energy for sure. Jupiter is also the “good father” who isn’t so “good” this week.

Planetary Highlights

Sun goes from 4:23 Leo to 11:05 Leo.  Sun forms a weeklong Finger of God inviting us to ride the apex and look for the invitation with guidance and directions on where we are heading next.

Mercury goes from 21:08 Cancer to 5:17 Leo.  A busy fellow, this week Mercury is all over the place! He goes over 15 degrees in 7 days…asking us to make a choice on Monday, arguing with creative hold backs or delays on Wednesday, entering Leo on Thursday for 15 fast days, clearing out old debris in the house and causing a whole lot of drama over the weekend as he plays with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto.  He’s plotting and planning war or extreme action.  Pay attention!

Venus goes from 10:46 degrees Cancer to 19:16 degrees Cancer.  The Goddess of Love argues with Pluto first thing Monday ~ finishing up a drama from the weekend perhaps? Venus sets off Uranus in break up or break down mode on Friday and later she forms a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn and Chiron. Expect lots of relationship drama and changes now that the Saturn/Uranus aspect starts to separate.  Things you realized or decided under that energy over the last few weeks, now needs to be implemented or discussed.

Mars goes from 0:44 degrees Scorpio to 4:31 degrees Scorpio.  Oh Mars has his MOJO back. And he’s NOT in the mood to dillydally, pussy foot, or be anything less than direct and straight to the point.  He’s got an agenda and is moving forward with it. He gives a very solid PUSH or SHOVE to Jupiter and Juno on Friday so expect break up news in your life and the world. Friday is a great day for getting fired, firing someone or quitting! The energy is SO DONE!

Jupiter goes from 2:27 degrees Leo to 4:01 degrees Leo. He gets set off by Mars on Friday but doesn’t much notice.  He’s preoccupied with partying and having a good time starting things. Situations that need to end stop on Monday.

Saturn goes from 16:41 degrees Scorpio to 16:48 Scorpio.  Saturn is inconjunct to Uranus but now both have switched directions and are really applying the tension to all structures that are not flexible enough to take it! Bend with the energy. He moves slowly away and the tension abates a bit.

Uranus moves from 16:30 degrees Aries 16:27 degrees Aries (retrograde).  Uranus is going retrograde until December 21.  He’s in a real struggle with Saturn.  Tension release. He separates from the nurturing energy on Friday ~ time to leave home or say goodbye to mom?

Neptune goes from 7:02 degrees Pisces to 6:53 degrees Pisces (retrograde). Dream a little dream! Or a big dream!  Neptune is part of a Finger of God with the Sun ~ take the inspiration and don’t worry about HOW it will get done.

Pluto goes from 11:44 degrees Capricorn to 11:34 degrees Capricorn (retrograde).  Pluto is part of a Finger of God with the Sun ~ go for the evolution, publicity or transformation.

Chiron quintiles Admetos. You are SO OVER It! No submission for you any more!

Pallas squares Juno on Sunday inviting you to see your patterns in partnership for what they really are. NO SLIPPAGE! NO GOING BACK.  You worked too hard to give up now.  No need to redo or repeat the old patterns one more time. WATCH FOR the same story in a different dress.

Ceres lets go of something she no longer needs on Sunday.  It is done.

Vesta enters Scorpio on Wednesday until October 6, 2014. Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit in with your new life!

Juno is quiet this week.

Cupido makes important connections with your new TRIBE on Monday.  Who do you want to travel with going forward?


Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon is void during the day on Monday, July 28, 2014 with a hard closing aspect of square to Saturn.  Moon enters Virgo on Monday July 28, 2014 at 11:37 pm EDT.

Virgo Moon goes void with a sextile to Mercury on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 10:48 am EDT.  Moon enters Libra on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 12:02 pm EDT.

Libra Moon goes void with a square to Venus on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 10:58 pm EDT.  Moon enters Scorpio on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 10:57 pm EDT.  Moon is void all day Saturday.

Scorpio Moon will go void on Monday, August 4, 2014 with a trine to Venus.











Moon day Monday July 28, 2014  Moon is void all day in Leo, with a hard closing aspect of a square to Saturn.  Moon enters Virgo at 11:37 pm EDT.  Today we experience endings and separations – the last little remnants of the changes we’ve been making over the past three weeks, and even since November.  Mercury on the World Axis squares the Nodes of Destiny, asking you to make a choice that everybody will be talking about in the near future.  Choose toward the higher good for you.  Venus’s opposition to Pluto suggests that an emotional story is finishing up.  You can’t go back again.  Mercury’s square to Eris invites discord and drama into the story.  It’s over and you know it and it’s time to let go and move on. It is time for you to have a different set of options, and begin a new chapter of life!  This afternoon, as Jupiter parallels Admetos, you can start telling people about the upcoming ending.  There’s something about saying it out loud that makes it real.  Tonight Venus’s quintile to Pallas Athena encourages you with words or feelings that help you know you made the right choice.

Mars day Tuesday July 29, 2014  Moon is in Virgo with lovely closing aspects.  Take advantage of today’s energy to get a great deal accomplished. Wednesday and Thursday morning are excellent conquer the world days too! This is especially auspicious day for launching new projects that you want to run for one month, two and a half years, or 12 years! Get it out there.  Moon’s opposition to Neptune encourages you to dream big without worrying about how you’re going to get it done, while her later trine to Pluto delivers the resources and the plan of action.  You dodged a bullet!  The Delta Aquarids meteor shower above your head asks you to wish upon MANY shooting stars, as they seem to pour out of the heavens.  Mars’s sesquiquadrate to Chiron stirs up the wounds of an old issue that you thought you’d handled.  Yes you DID handle it. We are just going to the next level.  Yes, still an issue but it’s not ruling you anymore.  Keep moving forward.  Notice the wound. Thank it and keep moving forward. Pluto’s quintile to Vesta encourages a new understanding of how to transform yourself.  Venus’s semi-square to Admetos suggests that there is an emotional situation you might need to address later tonight before going to bed.  Emotional fallout from the last two weeks takes place in relationships over the next few days.  Be kind and comforting to yourself.  No need for extra criticism or self-blame.  The Sun’s inconjunct to Neptune suggests that the emotions are a bit over-the-top but are an important part of the process of healing. Tears? Let them flow!

Wednesday Mercury’s day July 30, 2014  Moon is still in Virgo with lovely closing aspects.  A busy night of dreams wakes you up with a list of things to do.  Follow up on all instructions received from the Universe!  The Universe is conspiring with the Moon and Neptune to get you moving and shaking. Clear that to-do list! Mercury’s square to Ceres suggests arguments with your mother or about food or caretaking.  Renegotiate the situation.  Come up with a new approach. Mercury and Ceres ARE emotional and not without cause.  That was pretty icky what went down. You’ve been ignoring or avoiding the parent energy lately.  Vesta enters Scorpio until October 6, 2014 for 68 days, encouraging you to dig down and clean out all the crevices of your living space ~ the basement, the dark closets, the hidden piles. You can clear them out in your psyche too!

Jupiter’s Day Thursday July 31, 2014  Moon is in Virgo till 10:48 am EDT with a lovely closing trine to Mars.  She enters Libra at 12:09 pm EDT with a closing aspect of a square to Venus.  Morning is productive.  These last few days have been excellent times to ask for what you need for your work and for getting things accomplished. Mercury enters Leo at 6:45 pm EDT for 15 days of excited, joyful, abundant, expressive and creative communications. It is an excellent time to focus on creative projects that were begun last week.  Mercury’s square to Vesta asks you to make a special space at home for all your new ideas and creative projects.  Tonight is delicious as Moon in Libra sextiles Jupiter.  Dancing, dating, creating, and making love. Making babies too?  Party down.

Friday Venus’s Day August 1, 2014  Moon is in Libra, going void at 10:58 pm EDT with a closing aspect of a square to Venus.  Today is a super busy day with oodles of aspects, getting things underway.  Venus square Uranus brings new creative passion to old ideas or new ideas to rock your work, create and be passionate about.  Mercury’s biquintile to Neptune brings inspiration on how to get everything accomplished or the path to take for the next spate of work. Venus forms a Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron today, suggesting that you start to understand the point of all the work you’ve been doing about healing, relationships, and yourself, since Saturn went into Scorpio in August 2011.  Very, very juicy energy. Passionate and JUICY! Possibly very big dramas and extra emotional too!  There’s a separation from your old nurturing patterns that’s helpful and encouraged, allowing you to shift the way you see yourself.  Time to tell yourself a new story. Time to quit a job or end a relationship? Mercury’s sesquiquadrate to Chiron makes you the hero of the journey, rather than the goat, provided you act with integrity and clarity.  The wounds we receive form scars.  Scars allow us to express our highest nature as we remember the wound.  Today, show your wounds (and talk about them) proudly.  Tonight, Mars squares Jupiter.  There’s a bit of a power struggle in the air, that can lead to the end of a relationship if you’re not careful.  Everybody’s feeling a bit extra selfish right now.  Allowing a bit of humility in would be helpful for this relationship.  They are actually very important to you so watch for proud words to cause a problem if you are not careful. Moon opposite Uranus at 8:45 pm EDT could indicate a permanent separation if you’re not careful, while her square to Venus it 10:58 pm EDT allows you to integrate the two parts of love and nurturing and have BOTH OF THEM…desire and nurturing. Like I said, it’s a busy day.  Make sure that everyone you love knows you love them today.

Saturn’s Day Saturday August 2, 2014  Moon is void all day and enters Scorpio at 10:57 pm EDT. The closing aspect of the Moon is a trine to Venus. Use today to process all the stuff that went on emotionally yesterday and earlier in the week.  Figure out how you want to handle the various situations going forward. Focus on your CLARITY ~ not your understanding ~ your CLARITY about what needs to be done.  And , Yes, you probably do need to make a plan. There is too much to keep track of. And it can’t really be done without a plan or you will lose important steps or miss parts. Mercury meets Jupiter at 3:33 pm EDT, encouraging concrete planning and a new vision of how to go forward.  Mercury square Mars tonight indicates the potential for fighting.  It doesn’t have to be like this. It doesn’t have to be a fight but it can slip into one mighty quickly. Everyone is coming from their “I” place (Ah that lower form of Leo).  Nobody is even thinking about long-term implications or taking a big picture view.  Think out a bit, focus on the long-term goals, rather than on your reaction in the immediate moment to the situation before you.  People are not in the mood to be subservient.  Those groveling and begging days are over. Over and done with! Negotiate from a position of equality.  It wants to and needs to be a balanced partnership.

Sun’s day Sunday August 3, 2014  Moon is in Scorpio with nice closing aspects of a trine to Venus, allowing for deep emotional processing on many fronts.  Today has aspects that will help you get things accomplished.  Even though it’s supposed to be a day of rest – no rest for you!  Dreams last night were troubling but brought forth an essential truth or an image you need to pay attention to.  Moon has oodles of aspects, bringing deep emotions to the surface for clarification and communications purposes.  Process!  Sun’s inconjunct to Pluto suggests an inherent conflict that needs to be worked out or balanced with proper time spent on both sides, between creativity and continued transformation.  This can also be a health aspect.  If any health matters are lingering or causing problems, follow up on them and get appointments in place.  At 12:41 pm EDT, Ceres inconjunct Admetos asks you to make permanent changes around diet, food, and body.  Please make the requested changes. Implement the changes.  Moon today aspects oodles of planets so lots goes on as you bounce from situation to situation.  First up, figure out the big overarching picture, then make an action-plan or have an idea of how you want to approach it.  After that, evaluate the list of to-do’s and prioritize which ones need to be done first.  Midday, emotionally dedicate yourself to the plans that are most supportive of your dream.  Tonight, really DEEPLY focus on the parts that yield fertile productive results the fastest and easiest. Let go of the things you’re doing simply because other people (or your own ego) think you should do them.  Your life is about you and making yourself happy.  It is not about what the rest of the world thinks or says about you.  Push yourself to focus on what you really want.  This year, starting last weekend, it’s all about you!  We’re going to call the year of Jupiter in Leo “healthy selfish.”  Be healthy selfish!!



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