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August 2014
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Weekly Weather August 18, 2014


Please don’t worry so much.  Because in the end, none of us have very long on this earth.  Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night.  And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day ~ make a wish and think of me. Make your life spectacular.  I know I did. 

~Robin Williams ~ closing speech in “Jack”













Blogtalkradio Ate my Podcast!  They don’t know what to do to fix it.  So earlier today, I re-recorded a second version.  Mars coming to join Saturn is stimulating my natal Mars Saturn configuration.   Gotta love the delay, delay, delay…. have a great week!  Anne


My favorite balloon video continues to be the best image I have found of the Uranus/ Saturn inconjunct making changes in our lives.  This week, that inconjunct turns into a FINGER OF GOD as Mercury and Mars join the picture and activate the energy.  I am repeating it again! You can have a sudden and complete release of deeply held psychological beliefs or structures as the planet of Freedom asks the planet of Structure to let it go, baby, let it go! Uranus, the apex, is on the SOUTH NODE of RELEASING towards your destiny.  So ONE MORE TIME for the balloon video!  This week and next are when the balloon in your life really pops!  Watch the video and think about the area of your life where the Saturnine structure(s) want to collapse and break free.  Think about the area of your life where you want to run away and join the circus ~ breaking the binds and ties that hold you as Uranus dives into the South Node of Letting Go!


In our week ahead, Mars continues to close in on Saturn.  We continue to feel his frustration growing as he tries to get the Big Ringed Guy to move.  Mars and Saturn are not friends.  They are enemies.  Their intrinsic natures (action, destruction and war like action versus regulations, routines and stable structures) argue with each other.  They are opposite forces in the universe with differing desires.  They take a completely different approach and view of success.  When Mars and Saturn meet, they start a new two-year cycle around how you’re going to take action on the karma and around working with the structures in your life.  As they approach their conjunction next week, they bring situations that have been brewing to a head and attempt to end or change them.  Mars is frustrated by Saturn’s inability to move, and Saturn is irritated by Mars’s insistence on doing something – anything!  Expect fights, arguments and disagreements about how to proceed.

Into this mix arrives Mercury in Virgo, to form a Finger of God with Uranus as the apex.  Mars comes along to stimulate Uranus and Mercury as he approaches his conjunction to Saturn.  We have a giant Finger of God in the sky with Uranus in Fire, volatility and Aries take-action-and-blow-things-up energy on the South Node of Destiny.  Giant Fingers of God involving the three malefics as well as Mercury (who can go VERY bad if he hangs out with bad guys ~ remember how your mother told you that birds of a feather flock together) indicates a release of energy that’s pretty big and not necessarily pleasant.  Once the release takes place, we’re in a whole new reality.  Additionally, there are two other Fingers of God this week and next, between Jupiter/Pluto/Neptune and between Neptune/Jupiter/Pallas Athena, both of which ask us to think about what our hopes and dreams are and to figure out whether the situations in our life are contributing to them or hindering them from being realized.

We have a weird energy of ending things in a way that allows us to proceed optimistically in a new direction provided that we are focusing on the optimism.  While the situation before you that is ending may look harsh, it actually, in hindsight, a bit down the road from now, you will see that it was one of the best things that ever happened to you.  When it is actually going down, you may not think it is the best thing.  So, please reserve judgment.  Know that you are at an inevitable crossroads.  The moment of decision that I’ve been writing about since last November has actually arrived!  It’s here!  It’s time!  And no, you can’t take a pass on this decision.  Sorry.  You gotta make a choice!

Because of the Mystic Rectangle which involves these planets and forms over the next week, the choices faces this week are really part of your fate.  This is a fated time.  Because of the extremely emotional nature of the week with a Grand Trine in Water, do focus on self-care.  Add extra space into your schedule, especially over the weekend.  Try to find the positive in the situations that are taking place.  They help us move into a new direction.  For example, the location of the murder in Missouri has a voter registration booth set up next to it.  Meaningful change happens, sometimes due to or because of a difficult situation.  We are forced to look at our life in a new way.


Planetary Highlights


Sun goes from 24:30 degrees Leo to 1:15 degrees Virgo.  Sun enters Virgo on Saturday, August 23 for 30 days of dedicated, focused, detailed and harvest oriented work.  Time to cash in on your work.  Sun forms a Hammer of Thor all week with Pluto and Uranus, hammering out and clarifying the final details of the changes you need to make between now and late fall.

Mercury goes from 3:25 degrees Virgo to 15:56 degrees Virgo.  Mercury is flying through Virgo at a quick pace, almost two degrees per day.  He makes LOTS of aspects this week that encourage you to take copious notes and make detailed plans.  He comes up with a new dream on Monday, August 18 and Tuesday, August 19, as he talks to Neptune.  He harnesses his considerable powers on Thursday, August 21 when he trines Pluto.  He has to walk away from something he thought he wanted on Friday, August 22 – but there will be something else arriving instead.  He gets depressed on Sunday, August 24, and he forms a fast-moving Finger of God with Uranus and Mars.  Please don’t do anything stupid over the weekend, especially on Sunday!

Venus goes from 6:21 degrees Leo to 14:56 degrees Leo.  Venus joins Jupiter on Monday, August 18, starting new one-year and 12-year cycles around love and money.  Take time to do a ritual to ask for what you want.  She’s in a fast-moving Finger of God, which completes on Thursday, August 21, helping you choose which direction to move in.  Emotionally go for it on Saturday as Leo Moon pushes you to make a choice.

Mars goes from 12:36 degrees Scorpio to 16:52 degrees Scorpio.  Mars trines Chiron and inconjuncts Uranus on Saturday, August 23, forming a fast-moving Finger of God with Mercury in Virgo as a leg and Uranus in Aries as the apex.  No doing anything stupid!  Our impulse-control energies will be low.  You’re setting yourself up for the rest of your life, so be careful and conscious.

Jupiter goes from 7:05 degrees Leo to 8:35 degrees Leo.  Jupiter squares Vesta on Monday, August 18.  Make changes to the home.  Jupiter quintiles the North Node on Saturday, August 23.  Look for unexpected angels.

Saturn goes from 17:16 degrees Scorpio to 17:36 degrees Scorpio.  Saturn is still quiet this week, separating from Uranus.  Their orb separation is 1 degree and 32 minutes.  We need them to be at least 2 degrees apart before the energy abates.

Uranus goes from 16:14 degrees Aries to 16:04 degrees Aries (retrograde).  Uranus is the apex of a fast-moving Finger of God between Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio.  He’s still receiving a lot of energy from his inconjunct to Saturn, which is separating slowly.  These are aspects that encourage rash and stupid behavior.  Please watch out.  Hide in the closet or run out the back door.  Sunday features the climax or pinnacle of the difficult energy we’ve been experiencing.  On a positive note, it could feel like a giant cosmic orgasm.  You finally lose control and go over the edge after sitting there being stimulated for a long time.  Here’s wishing you a cosmic orgasm instead of cosmic difficulties!

Neptune goes from 6:31 degrees Pisces to 6:20 degrees Pisces (retrograde).  Neptune trines Juno on Wednesday, August 20, offering you a new partnership out of the blue.  It’s a good deal, so consider accepting.

Pluto goes from 11:19 degrees Capricorn to 11:12 degrees Capricorn (retrograde).  Pluto is quiet this week after his conversation with Mercury early in the week.

Chiron receives a significant and wounding blow from Mars as part of the Finger of God.  One more punch to the stomach.  Make sure to duck if you see it coming on Saturday, August 23.

Vesta is quiet this week. 

Pallas Athena is quiet this week.

Ceres is quiet this week.

Juno is quiet this week.

Hygeia is out of bounds but quiet this week.


Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow, and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon is in Gemini all day Monday and Tuesday.  Gemini Moon goes void on Tuesday, August 19 at 10:54 pm EDT with a closing sextile to the Sun.  Moon is void Tuesday night.

Moon enters Cancer at 4:45 am EDT on Wednesday, August 20.  Cancer Moon goes void on Thursday, August 21 at 3:35 pm EDT with a closing trine to Saturn.  Moon is void Thursday afternoon and evening, and during the day on Friday.

Moon enters Leo at 4:50 pm EDT on Friday, August 22.  Leo Moon goes void on Sunday, August 24 at 4:26 am EDT with a closing square to Saturn.  Moon is void all day Sunday.


Moon day Monday August 18, 2014  Moon in Gemini with good closing aspects presents us with many choices about how to proceed – also, mixed messages about what’s going on.  Venus joins with Jupiter early in the day to start a new one-year cycle around our creativity as well as 12-year cycle around love and money.  Make sure to take time today to work on money and love and desire visions today.  Talk to the Big Guy about how you want to expand, enhance, and have them bloom.  Moon has a number of aspects today, inviting cooperation between the planets after a very tossing-and-turning night of dreams.  It’s very important to pay attention to your dreams these days.  The universe is working on deep, unconscious levels through Neptune and Jupiter, the planets of our soul’s path and our commitment to relationships in the world.  Write down your dreams!  All last week, this week, and next week. Venus has melancholy nostalgia for the good old days, remembrance of times past as she moves through a fast-moving Finger of God with Neptune and Pluto.  Focus on what you love.   Mercury’s quintile to Saturn and sextile to Juno upon awakening offer you concrete steps on how to proceed.  Make a to-do list of your tasks.  Think big picture.  Jupiter’s square to Vesta this morning encourages an expansion and a change around the home energy as well as clarifying.  The early evening’s hard aspect to the Nodes of Destiny presents a difficult choice.  Please don’t operate from a place of fear when making the choice.  Choose towards love.  Venus’s parallel with Jupiter tonight encourages new understanding of love and connection in the world, while Mercury’s opposition to Neptune late tonight can bring unexpected tears as well as a lifting of the sadness that has pervaded the last few days.

Mars day Tuesday August 19, 2014  Sun forms a fast-moving Hammer of Thor, as the handle, that runs for the next few days, with Pluto and Uranus as the hammer.  This is a bang-bang-bang away at any of those resisting structures that are keeping you from expressing you true purpose.  It also might be a big whack from the Universe.  If you get whacked by the universe over the next few days, it’s not that you did anything wrong.  It’s just that you didn’t do it YET.  Think of this as a cosmic course-correction, moving you forward in the direction you’re supposed to go.  If things break free and break through on this Hammer of Thor this week, you’re on the right path so proceed apace.  The walls and blockades collapse.  Mercury’s aspects to Vesta and Neptune later today invite you to take a positive approach to the messages you’re getting from the universe.  No wallowing in despair.  It’s Gemini.  There’s a duality of purpose here.  Look at the light as well as the dark.  Don’t sit in the shadow.  If you feel a bit envious, Mercury is working with Eris, so take the envy and use it to inspire yourself forward towards what you want.  Moon’s closing sextile to the Sun is encouraging and optimistic.  If not this, then what?  Look for the positive what.  Or simply turn from not-this to  face in a new direction  ~ that way you will begin to see the “what”.

Wednesday Mercury’s day August 20, 2014  Moon in Cancer with a closing aspect of a trine to Saturn.  Deeply emotional, very teary, fluid all over the place kind of day. Make sure to honor your feelings.  Might be a day to stay in bed with the covers over your head.  Everyone’s feeling the need for extra nurturing and a real sense of loss of comfort in the world.  Remember this is a transit and temporary and you’ll feel better tonight after the Moon finishes his trine to Neptune.  With all this water in the heavens, there’s a real propensity for emotional despair, similar to last weekend when Robin Williams took his life.  Please check in with people you know who may be despairing.  Tell them you love them.  Ask how you can help.  This afternoon, the universe invites you to partner with sadness, float in it, experience it, cry about it, just don’t take rash actions on the sadness.  It is a temporary energy.

Jupiter’s Day Thursday August 21, 2014  Moon is in Cancer. Moon goes void at 3:35 pm EDT with a closing trine to Saturn.  Moon is void Thursday afternoon and evening, and during the day on Friday.  Today is one of the busier days of your year.  Moon in Cancer with positive closing aspects, allowing us to get a great deal accomplished.  Lots of information is arriving.  Take action on it, or take it into consideration as part of your plan going forward.  Venus finishes up her Finger of God with Pluto today and releases into the world her new vision of what she wants.  Lots of dreams last night; they helped you get clear, taking you on a journey around creativity and deep emotions.  Possible health or healing crisis today, with the Sun’s aspect to Astraea.  Midday, Mercury’s trine to Pluto delivers important information of a practical nature.  You need to pay attention to this!  Moon is void in the late afternoon and evening, as well as all day Friday.  Use the time to think about what is EMOTIONALLY important to you.  Focus your energies on that.

Friday Venus’s Day August 22, 2014  Moon is void in Cancer during the day on Friday.  Moon enters Leo at 4:50 pm EDT August 22 and goes void with a closing square to Saturn.  The purpose of this day is to process emotionally all you’ve been going through since last November.  Get ready to make conscious choices about your future over the weekend.  The Grand Trine in Water encourages deep and profound emotions around areas where you’re feeling a little wounded or abandoned, as well as presenting the opportunity for deep and intense healing.  Mercury’s aspect to the Nodes of Destiny encourages you not to criticize yourself.  Take the experiences as lessons learned, and understanding gained, instead.  Especially if not getting what you want is the issue.  Venus’s contraparallel to Mars says that you don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.  Often we focus so much on what we didn’t get that we don’t realize what we have.  It may be hard to get there, but do focus on gratitude for what you have.  Neptune’s contraparallel to Pallas Athena suggests that you aren’t seeing the situation clearly; you’re operating in a fog of emotions.  Proceed with caution.  You just aren’t clear yet, and you are emotionally vulnerable in this situation.  After the Moon enters Leo at 4:50 pm EDT, it has a hard closing aspect of a square to Saturn.  People are testy, relationships are stressed over the weekend.

Saturn’s Day Saturday August 23, 2014  Moon is in Leo with a closing square to Saturn.  Sun enters Virgo today for 30 days of hard work, focus, organization, and direction, right as the moon starts her argument with Saturn.  People are inclined to be cranky and critical.  Best to avoid conflict if possible.  Mars completes his Finger of God with Uranus, shooting you off in a new direction, fueled by the need and desire to change.  There’s an element of impatience today: not enough time, too much to do, inability to keep up with responsibilities.  Mars’s trine to Chiron sets off the Grand Trine in Water, making for an emotional wave of energy through the day.  Sun’s semisquare to Zeus means people are going to be operating from extreme Ego places.  Not in the mood for compromise or sharing.  The good part about that is, you know what you want.  The bad part is, the person in front of you might not be able or willing to give it to you.  That’s okay.  The whole point is clarity.  Moon’s union with Jupiter in the Morning makes things extra expansive.  Watch out for people trying to shoot down your balloon.  Moon’s union with Venus tonight inspires romantic feelings in an uncomfortable configuration.  Prone to fighting.

Sun’s day Sunday August 24, 2014 Moon is in Leo with a closing square to Saturn.  Moon is void all day Sunday.  Emotional processing of the choices you’re asked to make.  Trine to Uranus, square to Mars, and square to Saturn trigger that large configuration in the sky of adjusting the structures and breaking free.  Watch the balloon video again.  Emotionally now you’re dealing with the changes being requested of you.  The all-day void Moon suggests that emotions can be really turbulent or deeply felt or both.  The goal is clarity.  Even if the path is not clear.  Mercury’s inconjunct to Uranus sets off the Finger of God again with Uranus as the apex at the South Node.  We’re going to be working especially hard next week with this energy as the changes requested by the Uranus apex (look at whatever house 16 Aries is in in your chart) reverberate into the South Node of release, freedom, and letting go.  Again, check with people who aren’t feeling good emotionally.  The next few days represent a difficult passage.  The oppression of Mars to Saturn, and the Finger of God being triggered by both Mercury and Mars, and Uranus being triggered and dropped into the South Node.  The Finger of God is dropping us into the South Node of Fate.  It will be asking us to release the energy in our being in a fiery or martial manner.  Let go.  Mercury’s opposition to Chiron suggests that it hurts.  And also triggers that Grand Trine in Water around deep emotions and feelings.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are three of the hardest days of the year, so take good care of yourself.  Get to bed early.  We have another rocking and rolling week next week!



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